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Cloud Engineering

Niger Building  - UNECA Campus, Addis Ababa


Building Services 

We design Building Services systems to be pragmatic solutions that suit the local environment; are easy to install and cost effective to maintain. Equipment is selected regionally and responds to the level of resilience required for a long serviceable life.

Structural & Civil

Design of  efficient Building Structures  requires lateral thinking and a strong understanding of a first principles approach. Seismic, cyclonic, untested materials, un-exacting construction methods all require years of experience which the GreenLeaf Sky team offers in bags.

Due Diligence &
Construction Admin

Our team of Sky Engineers have worked all over the world and have delivered a diverse portfolio of work under a myriad of different contract laws and construction methodologies. We are ideally suited to provide due diligence reporting and onsite construction administration for all Engineering disciplines.



GreenLeaf Sky was created to service a burgeoning need for specialist engineering skills that suited an increasing demand in international work, largely in the Public sector but now in the Leisure, Retail and Commercial sectors too. Over the last 10 years, GreenLeaf Sky has worked all over the world for prestigious Government departments and subsidiaries.


We employ between 5 and 20 specialist engineers at any one time on a renewable contract basis that lasts 2 years. Engineers work remotely and communicate with each other and clients through modern web based platforms. They leverage their in-country or regional experience to deliver the best design strategies that relate to resilience, availability of materials and equipment, cost and procurement advice and using our international connections to leverage a "think globally act locally' work flow.


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Projects Completed


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We are an award winning practice and are looking for talent to support our rapidly expanding international portfolio.


We empower our team with a flat management structure that promotes autonomy of design, mastery of engineering skill with the purpose of designing sustainable futures. 


The diversity of projects you will undertake with us will keep you constantly inspired; take you around the world and present opportunities for the hands on experience previous roles might have lacked.


Relax. This does not mean longer hours; it means you will be travelling, designing world-class sustainable, resilient and beautiful buildings. It means that you will need all of your professional and life experience to deliver a portfolio of work that is as diverse as your imagination.


Come and design the change you seek.

Positions Currently Available:

Senior Electrical Engineer

AutoCAD MEP/AutoCAD Revit Technician

Hydraulic Engineer

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